The Loving Push: An Interview with Temple Grandin

BLOG Thelovingpush

Aaron McGinley, program director at Black Mountain Academy, recently had the opportunity to interview Dr. Temple Grandin and Dr. Debra Moore about their new book, “The Loving Push: How Parents and Professionals Can Help Spectrum Kids Become Successful Adults (2016).” We find the book’s message about the importance of compassionately guiding students on the Spectrum to … Continue reading “The Loving Push: An Interview with Temple Grandin”

Setting CHOW Goals

Autism Chow Goal

For students, developing skills around goal setting is an important component of increasing motivation, achievement, and self-regulation in both academic and social settings. At Black Mountain Academy, we support that character has as much to do with student success as academics, and we hold high standards for both. Every week, students set personal CHOW (Character … Continue reading “Setting CHOW Goals”

A New Year and a New Opportunity to Serve Others


By: Brandon Moffitt, MA, LPC With the holiday season firmly behind us, and a new year of possibility ahead, all of us at Black Mountain Academy have recently spent time reflecting upon how we are contributing as citizens in both our local and global communities. In an effort to embody our core value of citizenship, … Continue reading “A New Year and a New Opportunity to Serve Others”

TEDX video from Our Program Director, Aaron McGinley, M.A.

Aaron McGinley

We are excited to present a TEDX video from Our Program Director, Aaron McGinley, M.A., on the topic of Autism, Technology, and Social Skills! Aaron’s career has been filled with highlights exploring the relationship between Autism and Technology. Past accomplishments in this area have included webinars on Cyberbullying, multiple workshops and presentations on Video Game … Continue reading “TEDX video from Our Program Director, Aaron McGinley, M.A.”

An Introduction to Mindfulness at Black Mountain Academy


“CREATING A CULTURE OF MINDFULLNESS” Sarah Shoemaker Years ago, when I was first learning how to practice mindfulness, I had the false impression that I was going to empty my mind when I closed my eyes. If you’ve had an experience like this, then you may have walked away from it thinking, “Well, that’s not … Continue reading “An Introduction to Mindfulness at Black Mountain Academy”

Community Based Social Skills Training

Social Skills

Community-Based Social Skill Training An adolescent client of mine once discovered and read a social skill training manual in my office waiting room while I was meeting with his parents.   By the time I was done with the one-hour session, this young man who happened to have Autism, was prepared to enlighten me on … Continue reading “Community Based Social Skills Training”

Black Mountain Academy: An Integrated Therapy Program

Black Mountain Academy, a therapeutic boarding school designed to help young men with learning differences, utilizes integrated therapy to help students meet their full academic and social potential. Black Mountain Academy seamlessly weaves together elements of community involvement, academics, adventure, and therapy in a home-like atmosphere that promotes structure and skill-building. The North Carolina residential … Continue reading “Black Mountain Academy: An Integrated Therapy Program”

Opening Summer 2016

Our students deal with difficulties that effect social and emotional development as well as academic success. The average length of stay will be 14-18 months. The ideal candidate is a bright adolescent male that demonstrates challenges associated with social and executive functioning deficits, along with other comorbid learning and processing issues. Our mission is to … Continue reading “Opening Summer 2016”

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