Being physically active and staying healthy are an important part of life at Black Mountain Academy. Our Health and Wellness Coach works with each student to create a personalized wellness plan that includes a healthy diet, routine exercise, and wellness goals. Additionally, physical activities are planned each week that provide opportunities to get outside, work out at the YMCA, and have fun. We are lucky to have several local parks that are walking distance from our Main Campus that provide opportunities for Disk Golf, walking, running, fishing, basketball, soccer, swimming, and cycling. 

We also plan seasonal adventure experiences like climbing, rafting, skiing, snowboarding, snow tubing, regional 5K / 10K runs, and adventure races.

Black Mountain Academy adventure activities include:

  • Walking
  • Hiking
  • Swimming
  • Soccer
  • Yoga
  • Basketball
  • Frisbee
  • Ziplines
  • Climbing and bouldering
  • Disc Golf
  • Mountain Biking
  • Rafting
  • Kayaking / Canoeing
  • Camping
  • Fishing