Community Service is an integral part of the culture at Black Mountain Academy.  We partner with other local organizations and nonprofits to provide meaningful opportunities for our students and staff to practice citizenship through positive contribution. Service to others also provides an opportunity to develop empathy and care for those in our community while developing skills like work stamina, attention to task, and follow through which support our students success when they begin an internship or job

Staff work with our students and local organizations to co-create projects that are important to our community. Since Black Mountain Academy opened, we have donated well over 5000 hours of community service to local organizations and nonprofits.

Examples of community service sites accessible to Black Mountain Academy students include:

  • Humane animal shelters
  • Local food banks
  • Community gardening programs
  • Local soup kitchens and homeless shelters
  • Programs to redistribute fresh produce
  • Local athletic events
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Assisted Living Communities
  • Community Centers
  • Affordable housing programs
  • Local farmers markets
  • River and roadway cleaning projects
  • Local charitable organizations