Black Mountain Academy is a small boarding school for boys grades 9-12 that feels like home and is specifically designed to support the individualized needs of students with learning differences and social and executive function deficits. We teach our students transferable skills in the areas of emotional regulation, executive function, and daily living with a dynamic, comprehensive approach that enriches the learning experience.

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  • Leadership Team
  • Academic Team
  • Clinical Team
  • Residential Team
  • Medical Team
  • Operations Team
  • Brandon Moffitt, LCMHC
    Brandon Moffitt, LCMHC
    Executive Director / Co-Founder
  • Carla Shorts, LCMHC
    Carla Shorts, LCMHC
    Admissions Director
  • Jim Johnston, MA, LMFT
    Jim Johnston, MA, LMFT
    Clinical Director
  • Aaron McGinley, LCMHC
    Aaron McGinley, LCMHC
    Residential Director
  • Karyn Kaminski, MSW, LCSW, LCAS
    Karyn Kaminski, MSW, LCSW, LCAS
    Program Director
  • Dave Rollins, MAT
    Dave Rollins, MAT
    Academic Director
  • Michelle McCoy, SPHR
    Michelle McCoy, SPHR
    Operations Director
  • Dr. Gregory Narron
    Dr. Gregory Narron
  • Dayna Guido, LCSW
    Dayna Guido, LCSW
    Clinical Supervisor
  • Cortney Pauly, MS, SLP-CCC
    Cortney Pauly, MS, SLP-CCC
    Speech Language Pathologist
  • Meg Proctor, MS,  OTR/L
    Meg Proctor, MS, OTR/L
    Occupational Therapist
  • Ryan Bachrach, MSW, LCSW
    Ryan Bachrach, MSW, LCSW
  • Michelle Young, RMA
    Michelle Young, RMA
    Medical Manager
  • Taylor Maxon, LCMHC-A
    Taylor Maxon, LCMHC-A
  • Pam Splain, LCMHC
    Pam Splain, LCMHC
  • Mark Moser
    Mark Moser
    Science & Mathematics Teacher
  • Maryanne Miller
    Maryanne Miller
    English Language Arts & Social Studies Teacher
  • Nik Holton
    Nik Holton
    Science & Math Teacher
  • Kate Janson Foltz
    Kate Janson Foltz
    English Teacher
  • Matt Wilson, MSW
    Matt Wilson, MSW
    Academic Support Specialist
  • Mandi Allison, LPCA
    Mandi Allison, LPCA
    Reproductive Health & Sexual Education Teacher
  • Juan Diaz
    Juan Diaz
    Spanish Teacher
  • Charles Freeland
    Charles Freeland
    Ceramics/Art Teacher
  • Adam Hill
    Adam Hill
    Program Manager
  • Kaylea Sparrow
    Kaylea Sparrow
    Lead Coach
  • Nathan Nelson
    Nathan Nelson
    Lead Residential Coach
  • Jason Babb
    Jason Babb
    Lead Residential Coach
  • Kirsten Bonanza-Diaz
    Kirsten Bonanza-Diaz
    Lead Coach
  • Chris Squier
    Chris Squier
    Family Services Coordinator
  • Lucas Ferry
    Lucas Ferry
    Health & Wellness Coach
  • Lenna Bucy
    Lenna Bucy
    Life Skills Coordinator
  • Zack Paben
    Zack Paben
    Senior Residential Coach
  • Scott Kendrick
    Scott Kendrick
    Senior Residential Coach
  • Robert Coronado
    Robert Coronado
    Senior Residential Coach
  • Diane Kemp
    Diane Kemp
    Senior Residential Coach
  • Colby Monoghan
    Colby Monoghan
    Senior Residential Coach
  • Kristina Williams
    Kristina Williams
    Assistant Operations Director
  • Brian Gillespie
    Brian Gillespie
    Culinary Services Coordinator
  • Robert Major
    Robert Major
    Logistics and Facilities Manager