The students at Black Mountain Academy are capable, creative, and have innumerable strengths. We find our students thrive as a result of forming healthy relationships with our staff as well as the individualized and comprehensive support we provide each day.

Naturally, our students have struggled in the past due to executive function deficits, anxiety, social difficulty, and learning differences. Those challenges have often become more apparent due to the increasing social and academic demands that often begin in middle school and continue into high school. Our primary goals at Black Mountain Academy are to establish trust, foster connection, and create meaningful relationships with our students.

By utilizing a relational approach and investing in their strengths, we work alongside our students to help them develop critical foundational skills necessary to manage increasing demands as they approach young adulthood. With relationship and connection at the core of our work, we support them in healing from the trauma associated with negative experiences in their past while helping them build self-confidence and find meaning and purpose in their life.

When students at Black Mountain Academy are ready for the next layer of personal challenge, we connect them with increased opportunities in our vibrant community such as service, part-time jobs, internships, and dual enrollment courses at one of our local colleges.

A student at Black Mountain Academy Canoes in a lake
Students at Black Mountain Academy joking around and having fun