Residential Life at Black Mountain Academy is shaped around a balance of structured routines and vibrant student life. We strive to provide a home-like environment while also developing student directed recreational activities. A key aspect of residential life is teaching habits that lead to increasing independence over time. Our residential coaches work with each student individually while ensuring they are developing healthy habits around diet, cleanliness, personal hygiene, and leisure skills. On a typical evening or weekend our staff develop daily structure that balances fun, social time, relaxation, and personal responsibility.

Our residential team collaborates with the clinical team to plan in the moment experiences aimed at reinforcing social communication skills, self-awareness, healthy lifestyle choices, and self-reliance. Our goal is to integrate individualized goals for each student into daily living.

“Having fun is the best way to learn.”

– Albert Einstein

Residential Life Goals:

  • Implementing personal goals with the support of staff
  • Practicing friendship
  • Utilizing executive function and life skills in the daily routine
  • Implementing self-care through good hygiene, organization, and diet
  • Relaxing and having fun
  • Creating space to recuperate from the school day
  • Pursuing personal interests

A Variety of Activities and Experiences

Evenings and weekends at Black Mountain Academy include a variety of off-campus activities, cultural experiences, internships, and volunteer opportunities that blend fun, personal development, and expanding one’s restricted interests. Every student has a personalized plan based on their needs that include participation in local events such as music programs, festivals, athletic races, and food drives. Participation in these activities foster a collaborative relationship with the community and provide opportunities to generalize the social and life skills learned at our boarding school for boys.