Navigating the social world is often a challenge for the students we support. We believe this is a challenge that each of our students can learn to overcome. Black Mountain Academy is a safe place to build friendship, work through social difficulty, and grow relationally. 

Through supportive coaching, self-reflection, practice, and authentic social experiences we help students develop greater confidence and competence to manage the complexities of the social world. Our approach is to foster our students’ inherent relational strengths while also guiding them at moments where they may become lost or overwhelmed in a relationship.

Research suggests that the more exposure one can have in a range of novel contexts, the greater the likelihood of generalizability back into different domains of life. Coaching, consistency, predictability, and routine help form the basis for self-regulation and greater self-awareness. As our students better understand themselves, they are able to set and achieve goals that improve their social lives and personal fulfillment.

Integrating Social Skills:

  • In the moment social coaching
  • Supportive peer, staff, and therapist feedback
  • Formal social skills lessons
  • Role Modeling from staff and peers
  • Intentional social dialogue
  • Practice and refinement
  • Co-regulation training
  • Emotional communication and self-regulation skills training
  • Mindfulness practices aimed at increasing self-awareness
  • Exercises to improve self-reflection