Internships, Vocational Opportunities and job training

Black Mountain Academy emphasizes a community learning model that allows students to authentically contribute and engage on a regular basis. These immersions into the community provide our students with real experience and an opportunity for them to practice unscripted social exchanges. Internships and jobs further expand these opportunities by allowing our students to pursue their interests in a formal role where they gain personal and paraprofessional skills needed to succeed later in life. Students will work with staff to create and facilitate site plans, interviews, and readiness skills to be successful. The added support allows each student to manage the transition in ways to build success.

Examples of Local Internships or Job Opportunities at Black Mountain Academy:

  • Center for the Arts
  • Local history Museum
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Regional college programs
  • Local farms and restaurants
  • Veterinarian offices
  • Local Summer Camps
  • Arts and music events in Asheville
  • Events planning
  • Various businesses in Black Mountain

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